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Exploring the World with the Erasmus+ Project: An Unforgettable Week in Wuppertal

From the 17th to the 22nd of March, 8 students accompanied by 2 teachers from Agrupamento de Escolas do Cadaval embarked on a great adventure to Wuppertal, Germany, as part of an Erasmus + learning programme.

After arriving in Dusseldorf, we had the opportunity to explore the city through enriching experiences, such as visiting monuments and urban spaces. We were also exposed to safe, accessible, and sustainable transportation systems that accompanied us throughout the journey.

On the first day, after being welcomed at the CFG library by our German counterparts, who will visit us later, one of the most remarkable activities was the preparation of a sustainable lunch in the school kitchen, followed by an analysis of the meal's climate impact. This allowed us to understand the importance of sustainable management of natural resources in meal preparation.

Other experiences included visits to places such as the Nature and Environment Station, where we planted trees and learned about water pollution prevention and preservation of natural habitats. On Wednesday, the 20th of March, the journey went on with a visit to Utopiastadt and a revitalizing walk on the Nordbahntrasse, providing us with a practical view of sustainable urban projects and protected natural environments. We continued the adventure with city tours, including the famous zoo and the thrilling experience of the suspension train.

This trip also provided us the opportunity to explore innovative concepts such as vertical farming and permaculture, as well as participate in practical and interactive workshops. We also expanded our horizons with an amazing visit to the city of Cologne. We also visited the Environmental Education Center, where we immersed ourselves in nature and participated in educational activities focused on understanding forest ecosystems and the urgency of climate change. Finally, on Friday, March 22nd, we concluded this trip with a profound reflection on climate action and forest justice at the Arboretum WPZ. We received certificates in recognition of our dedication to promoting environmental awareness and seeking sustainable solutions.

In summary, the educational trip to Wuppertal was a transformative experience that not only enriched our knowledge, but also inspired us to become active advocates for sustainability and environmental conservation in our own communities.

The students of this project 


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